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10. Horse exposure

Dr. Lange then asked Jeff about other animal exposures and Jeff described his farm animal externship experience. He remembered from his microbiology class that most farm animals with Salmonella are subclinically infected, but those with diarrhea may shed higher numbers of organisms. With Salmonella, the ingested dose is an important determinant in establishing infection and causing clinical symptoms.

"You know, Dr. Lange, while I was doing my mixed animal externship, the clinic had a horse with diarrhea in their isolation stall. I spent an overnight shift checking the horse’s parameters and monitoring the horse’s IV two nights before I got sick. We collected stool samples each day, and the culture was positive for Salmonella."


Flashback to client giving history:

Mr. Owens (the horse's owner) was kicking at a dirt clod and shaking his head as he described his predicament. "Ol’ Fernando here has been a great horse. He cut his leg out in the field a couple of weeks ago. We’ve been keeping it clean and wrapped. I put him on antibiotics – TMS tabs – for a few days, but I stopped giving them when he stopped limping. Now he’s got this diarrhea. I wonder if he could have caught some disease from the calves we bought at an auction last week. A couple of them had diarrhea, and Fernando’s diarrhea started yesterday and got worse overnight."







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