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7. Small Animal Clinic

“As a vet student, I’m certain you had contact with both large and small animals in the 5 days before becoming sick. Can you tell me more about that exposure?" Dr. Lange probed.

Still-002.jpg"Well, I remember one day we had several cats come in from the animal shelter because they all had diarrhea. I remember one cat in particular who stayed in the clinic most of the day.  The owner was demanding antibiotics…"

Ms. Bair adopted a cat from the shelter 2 days before it developed diarrhea. The cat went home with antibiotics for a respiratory problem, and now Ms. Bair wants a more powerful antibiotic that can handle the diarrhea as well.



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Salmonellosis in Cats

Clinical Signs
Diarrhea with or without blood
Pale Mucous Membranes.

Symptoms may last up to 6 weeks .

Fluids, antibiotics if young, old or debilitated.

Drug of Choice
** Antibiotics are usually not needed. Susceptibility testing is strongly encouraged, considering the drugs' side effects and Salmonella's ability to quickly develop resistance.

Those at Risk
Young, old, and immuno-compromised cats.

Cats receiving antibiotics for other reasons.