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Microbiology Module

How do minute microorganisms actually resist antimicrobial actions? What enables them to do this? How do previously susceptible bacteria gain resistance? How is antimicrobial resistance detected in bacterial populations?  This module addresses the intricate science behind the antibiotic resistance phenomenon. 

The Microbiology Module will explain what takes place within the bacterial cell to enable antimicrobial resistance, and how antimicrobial resistance can be detected and measured. These basic principles should be a useful resource for client education and for reinforcing the veterinarian’s role in protecting the public’s health. 

This module aims to introduce the microbiological aspects of antimicrobial resistance through a discussion of: 

  1. bacterial strategies involved in resisting antimicrobial actions;
  2. the molecular basis for bacterial resistance to antimicrobial actions;
  3. the common laboratory methods for detecting and measuring antimicrobial resistance.




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