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This learning site is organized for optimized integration into courses which need to teach veterinary and other university students about antimicrobial usage and resistance.


The Pharmacology Module presents basic facts on antimicrobials their historical beginnings, antibiotic classifications, modes of action, applications for animals and prudent use in veterinary practice.

The Microbiology Module outlines the strategies by which bacteria resist antimicrobials, as well as the molecular basis for resistance.  Laboratory methods for measuring antimicrobial resistance are briefly summarized.

The Veterinary Public Health Module describes the impact of the global emergence and spread of antimicrobial resistance in human and animal populations as well as in soil and aquatic environments.  The critical role of veterinary practitioners in mitigating antimicrobial resistance is emphasized.

The Species-specific Module features case studies regarding the prudent use of antimicrobials in beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, poultry, equine and companion animals

The Animated Module features an educational interactive digital comic book that teaches the basic concepts of antimicrobial resistance by following the adventures of Ella Salmonella. The amalgamated concepts of antimicrobial resistance are also reviewed through the interactive story of Jeff, a vet student infected with a multi-drug resistant bacteria.



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