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In order to understand the principles behind antimicrobial resistance, it is important to first have a good foundation regarding some key pharmacological concepts that may be relevant to this phenomenon.  Presented in this module are topics on the birth and development of our antibiotic arsenal, some basics regarding how antibiotics work and how they are applied for use in veterinary practice, and lastly, how these should be prudently utilized in animals.  Knowledge on these basic properties of antibiotics will serve as guidelines for chemotherapy, including appropriate selection and other measures for mitigating antibiotic resistance.



Module Objectives:


This module aims to introduce the students to selected pharmacologic concepts related to antimicrobial resistance.  In particular this module will discuss:

  1. antibiotic discovery and development;
  2. antibiotic activity, effects and modes of action;
  3. therapeutic and non-therapeutic antibiotic usage and application in animals; and
  4. prudent use of antibiotics in animals.




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