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3. Bovine Respiratory Disease Prevention

In addition, antibiotic treatments become ineffective if the organisms the antibiotics are supposed to kill become resistant to them.  With increasing antibiotic resistance, it will eventually be necessary to switch to other, usually more expensive antibiotics, thereby increasing the direct costs for the feedlot.


Dr. Anderson says,  "BRD is a big problem in feedlots.  Once cattle show signs of disease, much of the damage has already been done.  It is better to prevent disease than to use antibiotics to cure animals after they are already sick.  To move from treatment to prevention, we need to understand the many causes of BRD.  There are many known viral and bacterial agents, but various types of stress also contribute."


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What is Preconditioning

Preconditioning of calves is the management of calves at the cow-calf operations before shipping them to the backgrounder or directly to the feedlot.  An effective preconditioning program during the 4 weeks before shipping should result in lower morbidity and mortality at the feedlot.