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11. Contagious Mastitis

The most important factors for preventing these infections relate to the milking procedure.  To make sure your milking equipment is operating properly, I’d like to have your milking equipment checked out by your dealer.  Then I will return when the cows are being milked to evaluate the milking techniques used in your milking parlor.”

Milking Equipment Performance and Use (5)

  1. Milking equipment function must be optimal to avoid transferring pathogens from one cow to another.
  2. Improperly functioning milking equipment can lead to teat end impact, which occurs during milking when milk jets back up the teat canal, potentially carrying pathogens that can establish an udder infection.
  3. Poorly operating milking equipment can also be traumatic to the teat skin and streak canal, thereby predisposing to infection.

A couple of days later, Dr. Keller returned to the farm during the afternoon milking.  The equipment dealer had left a report stating that the milking system was operating at an optimal level.  


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