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5. Contagious Mastitis

Dr. Keller: “I see that 30% of your cows have a SCC linear score of  ≥5.  This means that your bulk milk tank somatic cells are not coming from just a few cows, but that many cows are contributing to your high SCC problem.  Furthermore, I see that only 54% of your cows have a somatic cell count linear score of  ≤3.  A reasonable goal for you would be a linear score of  ≤ 3 for >80% of the cows in your herd.   The DHIA report also compared each cow’s SCC linear scores from this month with those on last month’s report, and I see that a high proportion of the cows with high SCC linear scores this month did not have high scores last month.  This means that they were recently infected and your problem is expanding.” 


Legend:  This graph compares each cow’s SCC linear score from the current month to the SCC linear score from the previous month.  It is used to indicate new infections, recovered infections, and chronic infections.



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Staph aureus mastitis fact sheet

“Much of the prevention of new infections will depend on what happens with your cows during milking time.  I think I should come out and evaluate the milking techniques used in your parlor.”