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17. Management Recommendations



With that, Dr. Karl leaves Chuck to ponder the possible management changes he can make around the farm.

Later, Dr. Karl reviews the following results from the lab (see next page).


Colostrum Management

Failure to absorb adequate colostral antibiodies is seen in 25% to 50% of dairy calves!  Colostrum is important to reduce morbidity and mortality of calves.  Use of colostrum should achieve high immunoglobulin levels in calves (~3g/100mL immunoglobulin)

Keys to successful colostrum management program:

  1. Use a high-quality colostrum
  2. Give adequate quantity colostrum
  3. Give colostrum promptly after birth
  4. Use clean supplies and technique

Quality:  Give high-quality colostrum

  • Specific gravity > 1.010 using a colostrometer
  • 50 ug/ml

Quantity and timeliness:  An 80 pound calf should receive 4 liters of colostrum within 2–6 hours of birth, a 60- pound calf should receive 3 liters of colostrum within 2–6 hours of birth

Use of clean supplies and techniques will help reduce contamination


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