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5. Scours History

Calf being fed

Scours History:

Majestic Farms has had a problem with scours among calves on the farm for the last 2 to 3 years, but typically the calves recover to good health. Today, the problem is a renewed concern because of the death of a 5-week-old calf.  The calf first became ill with scours about 2 weeks ago and was treated for 10 days with fluids with electrolytes, sulfa tablets and two injections of tetracycline. When the calf died, Mr. Erby realized he needed help and called Dr. Karl.  According to Mr. Erby, 13 of 22 calves born in the last 2 months have become ill with scours. Mr. Erby treated all 13 calves, but feels that the antibiotics are not very effective because the symptoms persisted.

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