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09 Getting a sample

You explain to Jan that although Nemo could have an infection, there are many other diseases that cause similar signs.  Without knowing what the problems is, prescribing a medication such as an antibiotic could lead to antibiotic resistance and would also just be wasting her money.  You tell Jan that you will be able to give Nemo some pain medication to keep him comfortable until a urine sample can be obtained.

Jan agrees to leave Nemo with you so you can get the needed samples. You give Nemo buprenorphine (Buprenex , 0.01mg/kg, SC) to help keep him comfortable.  Later that day you successfully obtained a urine sample via an ultrasound guided cystocentesis.   During the urine collection, you noted that although the urinary bladder appeared thickened, you did not notice any unusual masses or growths.



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