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1. Introduction to Antimicrobial Use In Small Animals

Dr. Colleen Murphy, DVM, MSc, PhD The University of Guelph Ontario, Canada

companion01.jpgAntimicrobials are extremely valuable tools for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases in dogs and cats, and the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance threatens their efficacy and utility.  Overuse of antimicrobials is an important contributor to the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance.




  • Understand the frequency of antimicrobial use in small animal practice.
  • Describe the classes and types of antimicrobials commonly used in small animal practice.
  • Understand clinical applications where antimicrobial use may be reduced.
  • Understand the association between antimicrobial use and the occurrence of antimicrobial resistance.
  • Understand the use of bacterial culture with antimicrobial susceptibility testing as an important diagnostic tool to support antimicrobial therapy.




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