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4. Physical Examination

You perform a thorough physical examination on Junior and find the following:

  • Body Condition Score (BCS) = 7/9
  • Erythema in inguinal region
  • Excoriation on one pinna, but ear canals are clean with mild erythema
  • Pustules, papules, and yellowish crusts on the ventral abdomen (click for picture of an example)
  • Epidermal collarettes on the ventral abdomen/flanks with mild alopecia (click for picture of an example)
  • Mild interdigital erythema localized to all four feet
  • All other body systems are within normal limits


Your physical examination findings suggest that Junior has a superficial pyoderma, as you suspected, which is characterized by the presence of pustules, papules, yellowish crusts, and epidermal collarettes.  Combining Junior’s clinical presentation (signs of superficial pyoderma and erythema localized to various parts of the body) and the history provided by his owner you begin to narrow your mental list of differential diagnoses.  You would like to ask Joyce a few more questions in order to narrow in on a possible underlying cause for Junior’s skin condition.

What other questions would you like to ask Joyce?











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