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9. Control Measures

It is now time to move backward on the time-line…Where would a mouse get a Salmonella infection that is resistant to multiple antibiotics?  What is your next step?




Should you search to see if the other human cases with this particular PFGE pattern had rodent exposure prior to getting sick? This type of a study would be a good idea. Maybe there are more than 3 human cases involved. However, at this point you have gone beyond the bounds of your state and need to be working with other state health departments and with the CDC. The PulseNet search tells your investigative team that there have been 23 human cases of S. Typhimurium with this PFGE pattern since December of the previous year. CDC facilitates a conference call among state health officials from states that have cases with the key PFGE pattern.  It is agreed that all cases would be interviewed.  Of those interviewed, 13 of the 22 interviewed had pocket pet (small exotic animal) exposure, all within 8 days of onset of symptoms. An additional 2 cases of the 22 interviewed contracted salmonellosis as a result of secondary exposure - infection from exposure to other people who originally got the infection from a pet rodent.



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