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02 Clinical Signs-Post Mortem Exam Results

You see Charlie pacing by a pile of dead pigs as you pull up next to the barn.  It looks like he’s added more than a few since you spoke with him.  He greets you quickly.  “No time for small talk, Doc.  This is some serious stuff.  I don’t know what to do.” 

You walk over to the pile of dead pigs.  “How many weeks have they been placed, Charlie?”  “Four weeks this Thursday,” he replies.  The pigs were just like he described.  You see that the pigs:

  • have normal skeletal size and fairly normal fat and muscle condition
  • are very gaunt with their sides sucked in and are severely dehydrated
  • have eyes that are sunken well into the sockets
  • are slimy and wet




piglets02.jpg piglets03.jpg



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